All you need to know about alloy wheels.

alloy wheelsAlloy wheels are cast and wrought iron. Cast aluminum alloy wheels are the most widely used. They have reasonable price and good consumer properties. Disadvantage of them is that they are not bounced during bend, but cracked. It happens because of a granular metal inner structure, which contributes to the process of accumulation of micro-cracks in it. Forged wheels are often called as “forged”, despite the fact that forging and pressing are two different technological process. At its price forged wheels are more expensive than alloy ones, but they are stronger and lighter. Furthermore, they have eliminated the possibility of technological defects encountered in cast wheels. In addition, disk forging technology makes it possible to improve their design.

Method of production of alloy wheels is clear even from their name – these wheels are cast in finished form. Alloys based on aluminum are used for the production of alloy wheels.

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