Kia Sportage was named the most reliable car

Kia SportageA respected German automotive publication Auto Bild has completed the long-term resource test of the compact crossover Kia Sportage of the third generation. Breaking 100, 000 miles, the Sportage has become the most reliable among the 33 cars that had been included in the test of the German journalists.

The extraordinary reliability of Kia Sportage of the third generation is gaining recognition from automotive experts for the second time in the last month. Immediately after marketing Agency J. D. Power, which named the Kia Sportage the most reliable model on the German market, the authoritative publication Auto Bild announced the results of the long-term resource drive, in which the crossover of Korean manufacturer had overcome 100 000 km, demonstrating the highest reliability.

The basis of the engineering approach of Kia is striving to combine the latest technology, such as 2011 Tacoma headlights, with proven solutions that has proven its reliability during real operation.

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