2011 Dodge Charger 2009 Spec D Headlights Night Review

Hey what’s up everybody on this will be a nice shot or just a night video these 2009 dodge charger headlights it’s gonna be pretty quick. I’ll go ahead and turn them on right now. Okay and actually those are just the folds of the 3 D. projectors only because obviously they have to be on with the parking lights not from the work. There you go. So here they are. You can see the suckers or army out of the camp chemical catches. Very well but they are super bright own. They’re actually so bright that the excellent appropriate itself. And in a way you kinda. I love the camera can pick it up quite well from a distance but you can actually see alright.

2009 dodge charger headlightsBut it’s not as. Bright to where he you know you can actually drive with your 2009 dodge charger headlights off so. These are pretty cool for show but as far as them actually. Being a. They say. You know as far as it being a 2009 dodge charger headlights or a bulb replacement I don’t think so so anyways with they do look really really cool so anyway so yeah that’s pretty much the light they were checked out words I’ll go ahead and turn Amman with the. How is involved right now like I said later on in my previous video well get. HID’s later. And this is pretty much lighter projects on.

As you can see. It actually projects pretty good home it’s not bad at all on. See I really much of a cut off so and so thank you pretty good my tree line over there that is pretty much. We I needed just these guys because. The moment whenever I got these. Or who next when I turn the Dodge Charger headlights and I just them that usually my mark read about their so will blend of the drivers so these are you were adjusted so that makes it even better. Anyway like I said up front making of the video in the future after 180 day period and will install each HID in these bad boys and. It would be really nice itself anyways hope you all enjoy this. And like you said you have any questions is put them in the comments down below and. Peace out everybody.

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