Some of the most obvious Chinese fake cars.

Chinese fake carsThe Chinese auto industry is known for its replicas that look like a well-known model.
First thought looking at Hawtai B35 – Porsche Cayenne with the lattice of the Bentley Continental GT. Everything else is identical with the German SUV: rear lights, side clearance racks in chrome, the general silhouette of the body.

Of course, the quality and dynamics of the B35 can’t compete with the Cayenne.
Chinese Jac Binyue looks like a Mercedes S-class W221 and Lexus LS.
Car Shuanghuan SCEO is similar to several cars at once. Firstly, on the front it looks like a Lexus RX of first generation, in the headlights the features of Honda CR-V are also discerned. Behind it is a pure BMW X5 E53 in the body. The same slant of the fifth door, almost identical shape of lamps and similar bumper.
The Bavarian manufacturer, without hesitation, sued Shuanghuang for obvious plagiarism. In Germany, the ban on the sale of SCEO was satisfied, in Italy and some other countries, the court sided with the Chinese company.

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