Review: 2007 Nissan Maxima

It was only last year, I was saying how time it passed the Nissan Maxima, and left it looking for an identity. In a product line up that already had an excellent and newer front drive sedan the ultima well 2007 bring some changes to the stall wart Japanese sports sedan and this week.

2007 Nissan MaximaI’ve got one of the new models available in either sporty Essie or luxury SL trim the front drive V6 powered Maximo trades in its ugly old mug for one that looks more in line with the ultima the thick linebacker rear face you with quad exhaust ports remains with only slight revisions. And a more pronounced rear spoiler, has been added to this model along with new 18 inch wheels gone though our transmission offerings like a 6 speed manual even on the SC model all Maxima.

Now get a continuously variable transmission handling the 255 horsepower I’ve got no problem with the new CBT itself it’s smooth as can be understands when you’re looking for more power and also offers a manual mode but the maximum Essie with out then available stick shift just seems a little wrong to me, and because of the across the board CBT usage horsepower numbers take a hit down 10 from last year while gas mileage of 21 city and 28 highway remained virtually unchanged. I can see maximalist cursing this CBT decision.

The interior with which Nissan seems to struggle at times feels it looks like it’s taken a step up in quality and appeal my fully loaded tester with numerous packages includes heated leather seats and steering wheel a sunroof to replace the standard Skyview glass roof an excellent navvy system, a premium Bose audio system, memory settings for the seats and steering wheel xenon headlights and the rear sonar system to aid in reversing. Order new headlights here

The additions take the price of the maxim SEC from 28655$. That seems reasonable enough when considering the Maxima strengths like it’s sweet engine athletic driving demeanor and a large for a midsized passenger and cargo volume. Then again there’s a cheaper newer more powerful Toyota Camry I see out there that I could see enticing a few of the maximals potential buyers nevertheless the Nissan Maxima is a more precise driving tool for those of you with a little more race car in your heart. Yes that it changes made fro 7 help bring the maxima back into consideration but it will likely take a total redesign before has a chance to truly distance itself from the competition For drive time on car.

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