2014 Nissan Qashqai Review

It might look like a regular cross saga but this small SUV is a hugely important ka white been missin and Chris drive in drive is. It’s the old you catch the guy the latest version of a calm many if you won our as a Jew Wallace a model that has been selling in droves for years since 2008 audits have pored over 50000 of these things. Making it one of Nixon’s case volume sellers. So what’s new well apart from the name the Castro is longer Lola and Lotta has new engine tech and ushers in a new platform. What that means the right away here in sunny Brisbane to find out. This. Nnsl. That way he in the base as teens say maintaining. It says will make up the majority of sales. First impressions are pretty good.

Nissan QashqaiThis rate is on here has increased use. A soft touch materials and ergonomically everything is pretty much what you’d expect. Since obviously put some thought into the touch points it veers well. Gotta let the kids take a lead the steering wheel even 11 the price down. Standard equipment is also pretty good. Espy says take it’s a reverse camera 6 airbags LED running lights, changing headlight bulb Nissan Qashqai Blitzer. You jump up to the ranks topping TS until you also add LED headlights My Baby sis. Rain sensing wipers blind spot detection and Linus in. Under the bonnet is in office 2 engine choices. To a time naturally aspirated force when the patrol. It is a necessity or the TS. For a 1.6 litre turbodiesel divinity on and the tail. The days will come solely with the CVT transmission. And while it can be a little grumpy when called generally it’s pre Ripon.

It’s also good enough but it’s definitely not what you would call box many not going to be too many groceries in the lots. This petrol engine comes standard with a 6 speed manual or you can opt for the save a tape for about 2.5 grand. As for ride quality that the real emphasis. Despite this pay rolls on 17 inch wheels but even in the highs but models. It 19 inch rims. The ride is really nonsense orbit. That doesn’t mean the handling is lobbies are. Through the twisty stuff the cash drawer handles like if jumped up package with just enough supporting character Kate came drop is involved. No So what don’t we like about the new Well cruising, on the freeway back into Brisbane just then. It’s got some unknowingly noise from the drops on bringing their. And visibility out the rear isn’t that bright autumn.

Apart from that time on any other real obvious bugs. So they got it. Well the Monday as revolutionary as the first decent you Wallace is cash card is still a very competent small SUV. As surprising the range starts at 258 feet deep at the basis today and stretches all the way to 37990 for the tail diesel. For more videos had 2 wheels Magda calm don’t I you.

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