Kia Sportage was named the most reliable car

Kia SportageA respected German automotive publication Auto Bild has completed the long-term resource test of the compact crossover Kia Sportage of the third generation. Breaking 100, 000 miles, the Sportage has become the most reliable among the 33 cars that had been included in the test of the German journalists.

The extraordinary reliability of Kia Sportage of the third generation is gaining recognition from automotive experts for the second time in the last month. Immediately after marketing Agency J. D. Power, which named the Kia Sportage the most reliable model on the German market, the authoritative publication Auto Bild announced the results of the long-term resource drive, in which the crossover of Korean manufacturer had overcome 100 000 km, demonstrating the highest reliability.

The basis of the engineering approach of Kia is striving to combine the latest technology, such as 2011 Tacoma headlights, with proven solutions that has proven its reliability during real operation.

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Checking of the operation of the diesel engine turbine.

diesel engine turbineBuying a petrol or diesel car, special attention should be paid to the turbine. It is a fairly expensive item, the state of which directly depends on the cost of the car. And if the technique was exploited not correct, it may require a very expensive repair. It is for this reason, should be given due consideration to the turbine.

The most frequently encountered turbine fault are:

  • color exhaust gas in a gray, black or blue color;
  • even in non-durable work of engine, the car starts to overheat;
  • during travel the fuel and oil consumption are increased in several times;
  • engine starts to work noisily.

Another sign of failure of the turbine is reducing of traction.

All of this may be due to the use of low-quality oils, foreign objects into the mechanism of the car. Therefore, choosing a car is worth in advance to study the principle of operation of the turbine.

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Some of the most obvious Chinese fake cars.

Chinese fake carsThe Chinese auto industry is known for its replicas that look like a well-known model.
First thought looking at Hawtai B35 – Porsche Cayenne with the lattice of the Bentley Continental GT. Everything else is identical with the German SUV: rear lights, side clearance racks in chrome, the general silhouette of the body.

Of course, the quality and dynamics of the B35 can’t compete with the Cayenne.
Chinese Jac Binyue looks like a Mercedes S-class W221 and Lexus LS.
Car Shuanghuan SCEO is similar to several cars at once. Firstly, on the front it looks like a Lexus RX of first generation, in the headlights the features of Honda CR-V are also discerned. Behind it is a pure BMW X5 E53 in the body. The same slant of the fifth door, almost identical shape of lamps and similar bumper.
The Bavarian manufacturer, without hesitation, sued Shuanghuang for obvious plagiarism. In Germany, the ban on the sale of SCEO was satisfied, in Italy and some other countries, the court sided with the Chinese company.

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All you need to know about alloy wheels.

alloy wheelsAlloy wheels are cast and wrought iron. Cast aluminum alloy wheels are the most widely used. They have reasonable price and good consumer properties. Disadvantage of them is that they are not bounced during bend, but cracked. It happens because of a granular metal inner structure, which contributes to the process of accumulation of micro-cracks in it. Forged wheels are often called as “forged”, despite the fact that forging and pressing are two different technological process. At its price forged wheels are more expensive than alloy ones, but they are stronger and lighter. Furthermore, they have eliminated the possibility of technological defects encountered in cast wheels. In addition, disk forging technology makes it possible to improve their design.

Method of production of alloy wheels is clear even from their name – these wheels are cast in finished form. Alloys based on aluminum are used for the production of alloy wheels.

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